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WMMT 3DX+ Tittle

Story Mode Titles

First Loop

Stage 5: Beginner racer
Stage 10: Mid-level racer
Stage 15: Wangan Racer
Stage 20: Once in a Lifetime Night
Stage 30: The Fastest Genes
Stage 40: Chase Impossible Dreams
Stage 50: Living Headstrong
Stage 60: The One and Only
Stage 70: Perfect Tuning Ideals
Stage 80: Howling exhaust
Stage 85: Racing Etched on the Heart
Stage 90: Inherited Ideology
Stage 100: Stood in the Entrance

Odd Numbered Loop (1xx, 3xx, 5xx, 7xx, etc)

Stage 1: Local Tuner
Stage 2: Boast of Top Speed
Stage 3: Cool Beauty
Stage 4: Reliable Older Brother
Stage 5: Cohesiveness
Stage 6: One Life, One Car
Stage 7: Private
Stage 8: Spirit of a True Artisan
Stage 9: Racing Gang
Stage 10: Grand Finale
Stage 11: Car > Family
Stage 12: I was a bully in the Past
Stage 13: Got Confidence
Stage 14: Passenger Side
Stage 15: Real Team
Stage 16: Like a Gigolo
Stage 17: Date at Odaiba
Stage 18: Its Stress!
Stage 19: Ultimate Combo!
Stage 20: Desert the Team
Stage 21: Racing Gene
Stage 22: Step on it!
Stage 23: Roppongi Ruler
Stage 24: Good Model
Stage 25: High Pride
Stage 26: Super Celsior
Stage 27: Over-the-hull Runners
Stage 28: Adjusting Settings
Stage 29: Taking Lessons
Stage 30: Legendary Racer
Stage 31: Great Actor
Stage 32: Outer Limit
Stage 33: Super Jet
Stage 34: Dandy Yamamoto Speed
Stage 35: Floor It
Stage 36: R200 Club
Stage 37: Regret
Stage 38: Kitami Tune
Stage 39: Ground Fighter
Stage 40: Keep On Running
Stage 41: Go To Osaka
Stage 42: Hanshin Line's Fastest Runner
Stage 43: Successful Intercept
Stage 44: Rally 4wd
Stage 45: High Motivation
Stage 46: Imperial
Stage 47: How Come?
Stage 48: Winner's Side
Stage 49: Enemy Lock-On
Stage 50: Osaka Driver
Stage 51: Drive Go Go
Stage 52: No air condition
Stage 53: ACE Demo Car
Stage 54: Morning Racer
Stage 55: Racer of the Hill
Stage 56: Aristocratic Bachelor
Stage 57: Clutch Player
Stage 58: Setting Maniac
Stage 59: FC' Phantom
Stage 60: One Shot OK
Stage 61: FF Fan
Stage 62: R Slayer
Stage 63: R Special
Stage 64: ACE Pride
Stage 65: Exquisite Balance
Stage 66: Hidden Capacity
Stage 67: Come On!
Stage 68: Mutual Infatuation
Stage 69: Beautiful Traction
Stage 70: Beginning a Life Alone
Stage 71: Readers Model
Stage 72: Wangan Queen
Stage 73: Rich Guy
Stage 74: Flying Car
Stage 75: Comfortable
Stage 76: 1000HP
Stage 77: Springtime of Life
Stage 78: Behind The Wall
Stage 79: Can't Hide The Beating Heart
Stage 80: Nighttime Formation Flight
Stage 81: Insatiable Thirst
Stage 82: Budget for a Fast Car
Stage 83: Those Captivated By The Devil
Stage 84: Running With My Life
Stage 85: Fast, If Only for An Instant
Stage 86: A6M Zero
Stage 87: Double-Edged Sword
Stage 88: Idealistic Running
Stage 89: So If You Can Know How To Drive
Stage 90: Restaurant
Stage 91: Former Editor
Stage 92: Triumphant Homecoming
Stage 93: Car Called Extraordinary
Stage 94: Warp Sensation
Stage 95: Racing In Another Dimension
Stage 96: Aim High
Stage 97: Weak And Strong
Stage 98: Running With No Blind Spots
Stage 99: Seeing The Fastest Line
Stage 100: Looking Back, Becomes a Road

Even Numbered Loop (2xx, 4xx, 6xx, 8xx, etc)

Stage 1: My Face Says I Know it All
Stage 2: Body and Soul One Machine
Stage 3: Queen Character
Stage 4: Pragmatist
Stage 5: Sweltering
Stage 6: I'll Bet On This Car
Stage 7: Better Than A Pro
Stage 8: Unbending Faith
Stage 9: Passing the Art from Father to Son
Stage 10: ALL STARS
Stage 11: Flat Out
Stage 12: No Talent
Stage 13: Can You Catch Up?
Stage 14: Real Dragon
Stage 15: Speed Craze
Stage 16: Wangan Special
Stage 17: Faster than Anyone
Stage 18: The Best Finish
Stage 19: Battle Setting
Stage 20: Cool Runner
Stage 21: Always 800 HP
Stage 22: Wolf in Sheep's Clothing
Stage 23: Dundee
Stage 24: Cute
Stage 25: Next Time I'll Strike
Stage 26: Fastest VIP
Stage 27: Sonic Delivery Car
Stage 28: Perfect Setting
Stage 29: Wangan Legend
Stage 30: Clever
Stage 31: Stud Muffin
Stage 32: Accelerate!!
Stage 33: Nice One
Stage 34: middle age man
Stage 35: R200 leader
Stage 36: Probe Boost Up
Stage 37: Jealousy
Stage 38: Turbo is Boost
Stage 39: Truly the Fastest Machine!
Stage 40: Pro tuner
Stage 41: 200kmh Cruiser
Stage 42: Naniwa Soul
Stage 43: Hanshin Circular Greatest
Stage 44: Maximum traction
Stage 45: Greatest Sound
Stage 46: Fantastic!
Stage 47: How is it?
Stage 48: RGO Seller
Stage 49: Yo bro! Good stuff!
Stage 50: Expert
Stage 51: FC's Zero
Stage 52: Big Mouth
Stage 53: Full Boost
Stage 54: Gotenba tuned
Stage 55: The Real Ones
Stage 56: One Night Method
Stage 57: Soul's Traction
Stage 58: It's Up To You
Stage 59: Miracle Run
Stage 60: MetroLine's Fastest Driver
Stage 61: R Killer
Stage 62: Ready to Fight
Stage 63: Attractive Drive
Stage 64: Well Done
Stage 65: Purposely
Stage 66: Fighter
Stage 67: Danger Zone
Stage 68: Real Feeling
Stage 69: Ready to Intercept
Stage 70: Duel Ends Instantly
Stage 71: Soul Beating Sound
Stage 72: Sympathy
Stage 73: I won't Die
Stage 74: Two Sides of the Same Coin
Stage 75: Old Buddy
Stage 76: Good Looking
Stage 77: Real Traction
Stage 78: Driving Tension
Stage 79: Hidden Essence
Stage 80: F1 Setting
Stage 81: Bottomless Desire
Stage 82: Passenger's Machine
Stage 83: Through racing, Life's meaning
Stage 84: Living Legend
Stage 85: What do you get? What do you lose?
Stage 86: Immeasurably Powerful Fighter
Stage 87: Differing friends
Stage 88: The Final Race
Stage 89: A Car that Crosses the Line
Stage 90: There are no replays in life
Stage 91: The Pen's Mightier than the Sword
Stage 92: American training
Stage 93: Belligerent Style
Stage 94: Hot Rod Made at the Shop
Stage 95: Overwhelming Presence
Stage 96: No Speed, Easy to Drive
Stage 97: Knowing by Race
Stage 98: Aim for the Peak
Stage 99: Just Ordinary Racing Now
Stage 100: The Circumstances of Driving

FAIL Story Loop Titles

Odd Numbered Loop (1xx, 3xx, 5xx, 7xx, etc)

Fail stage 5: So Tiring!
Fail stage 9: Work Remembered by Watching
Fail stage 18: Absurd Theory
Fail stage 74: Worlds Best, Visuals
Fail stage 82: Y 10,000,000
Fail stage 83: High Adult
Fail stage 90: Father
Fail stage 91: Its Initial N!
Fail stage 92: Reimportation From America
Fail stage 93: Bumping into Your Rival
Fail stage 94: A Car that Makes Time Fly
Fail stage 98: My Special
Fail Stage 100: Terror!Poser★Runners

Even Numbered Loop (2xx, 4xx, 6xx, 8xx, etc)

Fail Stage 4: Jetfighter Mania
Fail Stage 10: Namco Museum
Fail Stage 11: No Driving?
Fail Stage 23: Un Cool
Fail Stage 37: Insulting Driver
Fail Stage 44: Daredevil
Fail Stage 60: Can Push Harder
Fail Stage 77: Hope
Fail Stage 90: Life reset button
Fail Stage 91: Swords Hurt More Than Pens

Finish Stage 200: Looking Back, Becomes a Road
Finish Stage 300: You'll Keep Driving
Finish Stage 400: You can no longer Retreat
Finish Stage 500: Will Not Draw Back
Finish Stage 800: Running Called The Real Thing
Finish Stage 900: I am Serious
Finish Stage 1300: Unrelenting
Finish Stage 4100: No Answer

Finish Loop X: Congratulations! X00 Stories!

5 Wins in a row: 5 Wins Quick Learner
10 Wins in a row: 10 Wins Quick Learner
20 Wins in a row: 20 Wins Quick Learner
30 Wins in a row: 30 Wins Quick Learner
50 Wins in a row: 50 Wins Quick Learner
80 Wins in a row: 80 Wins Quick Learner
100 Wins in a row: 100 Wins Pure Talent
200 Wins in a row: 200 Wins Pure Talent
250 Wins in a row: 250 Wins Pure Talent
300 Wins in a row: 300 Wins Prodigy
350 Wins in a row: 350 Wins Prodigy
400 Wins in a row: 400 Wins Prodigy
450 Wins in a row: 450 Wins Prodigy
500 Wins in a row: 500 Wins Genius
550 Wins in a row: 550 Wins Genius
600 Wins in a row: 600 Wins Genius
650 Wins in a row: 650 Wins Genius
700 Wins in a row: 700 Wins Genius
750 Wins in a row: 750 Wins Genius
800 Wins in a row: 800 Wins Genius
850 Wins in a row: 850 Wins Genius
900 Wins in a row: 900 Wins Genius
950 Wins in a row: 950 Wins Genius
1000 Wins in a row: 1000 Wins Sage

Play and Win Stage 4 first: I Love Hakone
First Black Mark: First loss is after stage 40
Fight: Time runs out
Complete Story Mode without loosing: Undefeated Highway Dominator
Complete Story Mode without loosing in Corolla: Fastest Other Car
Complete Story Mode without loosing in R2: Fastest Ladybug
Complete Story Mode without loosing in HiAce: The Wolf of the Station
Complete Story Mode wtihout loosing in Taxi: Master Taxi

Outrun Titles

Finish Course's 32-Outrun Mode with S Class: [Course]'s King of Speed
Finish Course's 10-Outrun (All 10 levels) with S Class: [Course]'s Ultimate Speed/Emperor

Time Attack Titles

First Time on Course: [Course] Trainee or Training For The Nagoya Loop
Get all Red Flashing Lights: [Course] Speed Craze

Finish with time -'--"000: [Course]'s Just
Finish with time -'--"007: [Course]'s Spy
Finish with time -'--"009: [Course]'s Cyborg
Finish with time -'--"111: [Course]'s Snake's Eyes
Finish with time -'--"222: [Course]'s Duck
Finish with time -'--"256: [Course]'s 1 Byte
Finish with time -'--"333: [Course]'s Three cards
Finish with time -'--"444: [Course]'s Quarto
Finish with time -'--"456: [Course]'s Double
Finish with time -'--"490: [Course]'s Shuku-oh
Finish with time -'--"555: [Course]'s Go Go!
Finish with time -'--"666: [Course]'s Beast
Finish with time -'--"728: [Course]'s Naniwa
Finish with time -'--"765: [Course]'s NAMCO
Finish with time -'--"777: [Course]'s Big Hit!
Finish with time -'--"888: [Course]'s Divergent
Finish with time -'--"999: [Course]'s Galaxy Express

Retire Titles
These Titles are available by retiring on Any single player mode. However, the retire points provided here are based on Time Attack Mileage remaining. The titles can be obtained on any mode, as long as you retire at the correct place.

C1 Inward

12.2km: Avoid Shinbashi
12.0~11.9km: Shiodome Redevelopper
11.2km: Anti Tsukiji diversion
11.0km: Silver Bra
9.4km: Broker
9.1km: The Burning Electric City
7.8km: Collecting old books
7.1km: To Namjatown
6.8km: Midnight Paper boy
6.0km: No Fishing
5.1km: Center road to Suwa Lake
4.1km: Wangan Prime Minister
3.2km: Going home From Roppongi
2.7km: Hamanako From Tomei
1.5km: The Wife
540~530m: Tokyo Tower Sightseeing
372m: Red Emperor

12.2km: Avoid Shinbashi
12.0~11.9km: Shiodome Redevelopper
11.2km: Gallery Point
11.0km: Adult Reception
9.4km: Broker
9.1km: Maid Cafe
7.8km: Collecting old books
7.1km: Exploding run to Kanetsudo
6.8km: Get the Scoop
6.0km: Skunk Cabbage
5.1km: Exploding run to Hachioji
4.1km: Night Prime Minister
2.7km: Exploding run to Setagaya
1.5km: Charismatic Wife
540~530m: 333m
372m: Next Generation

NBL Counter Clockwise

14.4km: Broker
14.0km: Avoid Ginza
13.1km: Anti Tsukiji diversion
13.0km: Silver Bra
12.0~11.0km: Shiodome Redevelopper
9.0~8.3km: Odaiba traveler
4.4km: Aguri
4.2km: Mouse Land
1.9km: Toyosu Reconstruction

14.4km: Broker
14.0km: Avoid Ginza
13.1km: Gallery Point
13.0km: Adult Reception
12.0~11.0km: Shiodome Redevelopper
9.0~8.3km: Fireworks
4.4km: Aguri
4.2km: Avoid Urayasu
1.9km: Overnight Game development

NBL Clockwise

22.0~21.9km: Kokusai Tenji
21.0~ 20.9km: Wangan Ferris Wheel
20.2~20.1km: Adventurer of 13th place
19.7km: Tokyo Onsen Story
19.1km: Under Water
17.8km: I don’t go to Yokohama
16.5km: Shinagawa Future lab
15.2km: Monorail
14.9km: Wangan Sailor
10.8km: Avoid Shinbashi
10.6km: Shiodome Redevelopper
9.8km: Anti Tsukiji diversion
9.6km: Silver Bra
8.1km: Broker
7.1km: Orange colored Bus
7.0km: Tohoku Exploding Run

21.0~ 20.9km: Wangan Ferris Wheel
20.2~20.1km: Feast at Odaiba
19.7km: Tokyo Onsen Story
19.1km: Tunnel developer
17.8km: I don’t go to Yokohama
16.5km: Shinagawa Future lab
15.2km: Monorail
14.9km: Pirate king of the neon
10.8km: Avoid Shinbashi
10.6km: Shiodome Redevelopper
9.8km: Gallery Point
9.6km: Adult Reception
8.1km: Broker
7.1km: Jyodanbo Exploding Run
7.0km: Tohoku Exploding Run


20.5~20.1km: Ball is friend
14.5km: Avoid Kisarazu
13.6km: Under the river
10.7km: Domestic Traveler
7.6km: Early market worker
6.2km: Toilet on the left up the stairs
4.2~4.0km: Under water
2.7km: Ogura san’s long story

20.5~20.1km: Give me Wings
14.5km: Aqualine to Chiba
10.7km: Overnight Traveler
7.6km: Truck Driver
6.2km: Toilet on the left up the stairs
4.2~4.0km: Tunnel developer
2.7km: Tell me Crystal
810~800m: Tennis Lover


13.2km: Wangan Sailor
13.1~12.9km: Monorail
9.9~9.2km: Get Rich Quick
8.6~8.5km: I’m about to bust
5.3~5.2km: The huge shrine Hepburn
5.0km: Drinking green liquid
4.3~4.2km: Happy New Years!
4.0km: Can’t use highway card
3.0km: Shopping at the Door
2.2km: Factory Mania

13.2km: Pirate king of the neon
13.1~12.9km: Monorail
9.9~9.2km: The night horse race
8.6~8.5km: I’m about to bust
5.3~5.2km: Pickup girlfriend at Haneda
5.0km: Need Supplement
4.3~4.2km: Happy New Years!
4.0km: Can’t use highway card
3.8km: Bowling Lover
3.0km: Delivery without PO
2.2km: Factory Mania


8.7km: I'm Going to Airport
2.0km: I'm an Aristocrate
1.6km: How Do You Read This?

10.9km: Yea Yea Yea
9.6km: Probability to Convert To Yen!!!
7.2km: Nighttime Date Spot
6.2km: Bang! Bang! Bang!
3.2km: Night-Midnight Battle Starter
2.9km: FD Master
2.2km: I slept in the Taxi

Hanshin Expressway Loop Line

17.1~16.9km: Tsutenkaku Tower
15.6km: Gag Gang
15.0km: Java Sparrow
14.7km: Lets go to America Village
13.2km: Electronical BBS
12.9km: Waste Not
11.7km: Master of reform
9.4km: Lets play Maximum Tune 3
9.3km: Point Card
8.7km: Requesting
5.5km: Hideyoshi and Nene

18.6km: Double Booking
17.1~16.9km: Tsutenkaku Tower
15.6km: Girl hunting at Nanba
15.0km: Java Sparrow
14.7km: Black Rain
13.2km: No Electrical BBS
12.9km: Night hanger
11.7km: Master of reform
10.4km: Neat Freak Cleaning
9.9km: Osaka Acting School Team
9.8km: Osaka driving school
9.4km: A night at the Capsule hotel
9.3km: Discount Available
8.7km: Test Study Buddy
5.5km: Yododono




Ghost Titles

Win First Ghost coin: Mow'em Down
Defeat Ghost by less than 1m: First Win
Defeat Crown Ghost: [Course]'s Warrior
Take all SEVEN crowns: Fastest In The Metro Highway

Challenge same ghost 5x in a row: Lalabi Lalabi With...
Challenge same ghost 10x in a row: Shooting Striker
Play same course 10x in a row: Love the Spot

Dress Level 5: Show off
Dress Level 10: Good looking
Dress Level 15: Dress up machine
Dress Level 20: Good Atmosphere
Dress Level 25: Cool car
Dress Level 30: My lovable car
Dress Level 35: Nice body
Dress Level 40: Good atmosphere
Dress Level 45: Wild taste
Dress Level 46: The best looking car
Dress Level 50: Appearance is also important
Dress level 100: Appearance is important
Dress level 150: Appearance is Everything
Dress level 200: Custom Car
Dress level 250: Golden rule of appearance
Dress level 300: Make up battle make up
Dressup level 1000: Style Up

Battle Titles

Win a battle between the same car type: [Car] King
Win a battle between different Subarus other than the SVX and R2: Boxer 4
Win a battle between different Evo's: Lancer Evolution Master
Win a battle between different GTR's: World's Greatest GTR
Win a battle between different Z's: Z-History
Win a battle between different Supra's: Ultimate Happiness
Win a battle between different Imprezas: Ultimate Impreza
Win a battle between Rotary Engines: Rotary Title
Win a battle between different straight four engines: Number 4 Championship
(CE9A, CP9A, CT9A, CZ4A, NCEC, R2, MR2, 180SX, Silvia, MS6, Corolla)
Win a battle between different straight six engines: Number 6 Championship
(80 Supra, 70 Supra, BNR32, BCNR33, BNR34, JZX100, JZS161, S30)
Win a battle between V6 Engines: V6 Championship
(Z31, Z32, Z33, GTO)
Win a battle between unshaded cars: Unbreakable King

10 Battle Wins in a row: The Immortal Winner
20 Battle Wins in a row: The Greatest Speed King
30 Battle Wins in a row: The Legendary Racer

Gain 1000 Stars: Killer Falcon
Gain 2000 Stars: Pegasus
Gain 4000 Stars: Deadly Scorpion
Gain 7000 Stars: Demon Bear
Gain 10,000 Stars: Flesh-Eating Hornet
Gain 15,000 Stars: Devil Shark
Gain 30,000 Stars: Legendary Phoenix

Defeat a player with a 5+ battle win streak: Streak Stopper Stopper
Defeat a player with a 10+ battle win streak: Streak Crusher
Defeat a player with a 20+ battle win streak: Streak Killer
Defeat a player with a 30+ battle win streak: Legend Killer

Continuously flash lights: Passing Guy

Aura Battle Titles
# - Number of Stars

10 ~ 1800 Stars - [#] Outrun Striker
2000 ~ 4800 Stars - [#] Outrun hero!
5000 ~ 9500 Stars - [#] Outrun Warrior
10,000 ~ 19,000 Stars - [#] Outrun General
20,000~ ??? Stars - [#] Outrun ???

10 ~ 1800 Stars - [#] Outrun Breaker
2000 ~ 4800 Stars - [#] Outrun Battler
5000 ~ 9500 Stars - [#] Outrun Demon
10,000 ~ 19,000 Stars - [#] Outrun Demon King
20,000 ~ 39,000 Stars - [#] Outrun Death Bringer
40,000 ~ ??? Stars - [#] Outrunner Devil

Mileage Titles

These titles are obtained by achieving Mileage Points

KM past 42km: Full Marathon
KM past 2400km: Great Wall of China
KM past 3755km: Route 66
KM past 6500-6600km: Amazon
KM past 6600-6700km: Nile
KM past 9300km: Sibiria Railway
KM past 12750km: Earth diameter
KM past 40000km: Round the Earth
KM past 100000km: Meter 1 loop
KM past 380000km: Reach to the moon

Miscellaneous Titles

Transfer WMMT3 car to WMMT3DX: Wangan Beginner
Start a new car: Wangan Beginner
Continuing King: Continue 10x
Iron Man: Continue 20x
Super Man: Continue 30x
Durable Body: Continue 40x
Painful Butt?: Continue 50x


4/1 :Man who was born from mouth / Large liar / Liar fellow

4/2 :Books chairman / Writer of stories for children / 『 Excitement copy 』
4/3 :[Tataka] of Takeshi Hakone sect / [Shi-sa-] / Let's go boldly
4/4 :YO YO / Yoyo love / It is GO in Okinawa
4/5 :Running shop debut / Majors debut / Close-cropped head
4/6 :It burns out and is white / White castle / The castle is good
4/7 :[Iku] the same source / In unpaid overtime work / Health the 1st
4/8 :Wangan faithful dog / Tire lying about / Shibuya station set
4/9 :Chief with [sugo] arm / The wall is thickly coated / Sitting
4/10 :Truly womanly woman / Yachtsman / Modern
4/11 :『 A man of legend. 』 / The name is also gutsy / [Gattsugattsugattsu]
4/12 :Five seconds ago of warp / The earth was blue / * Maeda * is a bread sect
4/13 :Tea for a moment / 『 Serious match hope. 』/ Renoir
4/14 :Machine immediately before sinking / Tip of the iceberg / Orange juice
4/15 :[Herikobuta-] / Apache''Ask ・・・ [gaku]
4/16 :Man with beard / The boy must hold the ambition / King comedy of voiceless
4/17 :Rex in Daikoku / Now jobless / King dinosaur in Haneda
4/18 :Dentifrice passing / Oyashirazu is a decayed tooth / An electric toothbrush is being used
4/19 :No sense of direction / Like being / It is navigation system.. desirous
4/20 :College woman racer / [Rikako] / 『 ..doing combination Gong... 』
4/21 :Whisper announcer / Audience rating principle / Girl Anna love
4/22 :Eco-driver / Planet thirdly in solar system / Married couple with good relations
4/23 :Picture book writer / Drunken man / Reading favor
4/24 :Dark horse / Popularity / 『 Magnification Don. In addition, twice 』
4/25 :Corner of forest / Wangan pedestrian bridge / Dash in pedestrian bridge
4/26 :Dazing too much / It is not a pet / The bath is a long soak
4/27 :Philosophy of running / Tightrope / Long distance relay runner
4/28 :Massage [ji] marker / 『 [Hao]?[Npao]?[N]』 / Elephant use
4/29 :Green satan / Genghis Khan love / Green green
4/30 :The fifth books card piece / It is quiet in the library / It is GO in the library


5/1 :Yelling slogans in chorus / Iron-ribbed fan [mochi] / Lily of the valley
5/2 :Fastest Pencil turning / It is a string of holidays / Let's wisely save it
5/3 :Designer of legend' 'Industrial waste''Journalist'
5/4 :Rolling up runner' 'Holiday why''Fiery spirit [shiteruu;]'
5/5 :Child treatment [sunna]' '[Kettamashi-n]''Child racer'
5/6 :Wear a belt and braces' 'St. Louis. ''[Mantarou]'
5/7 :Octopus ball maniac' 'Octopus ball love''Car doctor'
5/8 :[Yachanpuru]' 'Taste that makes a sour face''[Matsubokkuri]'
5/9 :Impact of chocolate mint' 'It is a fingernail and a squeak as for the blackboard. ''Ice is a vanilla sect. '
5/10 :Ricebird' 'Beautiful weather''Cotton 100%'
5/11 :I want to become your cormorant' 'It is addition in the neck the rope. ''Sweetfish'
5/12 :Nurse' 'Injection unpleasantness''Acerola'
5/13 :Inukai' 'May storm''Already separated. '
5/14 :Eel climb' 'The temperature is low. ''Temperature of battle'
5/15 :Wangan [noumi] [nchu] / Bulgaria / Runner
5/16 :Backpacker' 'The souvenir is a hot spring bun. ''It is GO in the hot spring of the unexplored region. '
5/17 :Soldier of love' 'Homo sapiens''It is a tour and the United States. '
5/18 :five gallon one nature' 'One-'to' can mortal combat''Smithsonian'
5/19 :I' 'm champion''King from Japan'
5/20 :Wangan navigator / 1m=1000mm / Italian culture
5/21 :Congratulation entrance' 'Atlantic Ocean crossing''Jersey'
5/22 :Procambarus clarkii' 'Evolution''Lobster'
5/23 :You and Chu' '[Buchu]''Sinking resolution'
5/24 :『 Fa? 』 'Albatross''I do not have the handicap. '
5/25 :Please give the beefsteak to me' 'Walking dictionary. ''It likes journey on a train. '
5/26 :endurance fighting for 24 hours''It is a miso cutlet in Nagoya. '
5/27 :God's manipulation / Kokura / [Tsuwamono] of one hundred poem-cards
5/28 :Double bogey'『 [Tamaya]?Key. 』 'See fireworks today. '
5/29 :Chomolungma' 'World highest peak''Miso paste made from the arum root'
5/30 :Mr. cleanliness' 'Recycling of anything'『 G30 』
5/31 :The third no smoking day' 'Withdrawal symptoms''Bad [yo] for body'
6/1 'Super-man' 'Photographer''It is related to the camera. '
6/2 '[Yokohamania]' 'Lazy''The Yokohama citizens take a rest. '
6/3 'Surveyor' 'Turn ''Slither, slither'
6/4 'One corner' 'Tooth polish mania''Genius cartoonist'
6/5 'Slow life' '..soft.. [pukapuka]''I want to move. '
6/6 'Poor musician' 'Water-quality test member''I am a bassist. '
6/7 ' m is taken. ''Do not put it. '
6/8 :Wangan pirate / Viking / Black pearl
6/9 'Unconfirmed, huge living thing' 'Car security''Locksmith'
6/10 :Tram of ..merciless.. [bi] / Fellow who spends time / Wangan, where time is spent
6/11 'Leak' 'Great king of the leak in the roof. ''Leak by the opening. '
6/12' 'In lover recruitment on a large scale 'King blog''Lover and exchange diary'
6/13 'Iron man in Osaka' 'Big care''Iron man'
6/14 'Flagship' 'Flagman post''March with the flag. '
6/15 Fastest Credit union man / There is [atsu] ..the [natsu]... / I am a Chiba inhabitants of the prefecture
6/16 'Weightless machine' 'It imposes and the mountain is loved. ''It likes japanese-style confection. '
6/17 :Red ticket income [mashita] / Lion in desert / Wangan patrol
6/18 'Overseas birth' 'Clay image mania''Mysterious discovery'
6/19 'Straight ball match' '[Shouwadaisei] Meiji era at the Heisei era''[Ojaru]'
6/20 '[Ttoshimasu] that has it' 'Hacker''Reform. '
6/21 'The cake is staple food' 'Monkey and the Crab. ''Cake [boribori]'
6/22 'Turkey getter'『 Strike. 』 'It is a match by boring. '
6/23 'Torchbearer' '5 of colors circles''Strongest final match in the world'
24 'Extraterrestrial life' '[Doremifasorashido]''Magician of music scale'
6/25 'Solitary house of yearning' 'Apartment house of ..builting.. [ka] of one household''30 ..housing loan.. years'
6/26 Fastest Mt. Takao / 3 [**] in outdoor hot spring / The outdoor hot spring is bathing together
6/27 'Direct sunshine' 'The Miracle Worker'『 WATER 』
6/28 'Genuine rain bringer' 'Without any mistake''Perfect a man'
6/29 'Prince in star' '[Ya-ya-ya-]'『 HELP 』
6/30 'It is a half this year' ' E=MC2 '. 'Mild curry'
7/1 'Loan ranger' 'Loan hell''It is a nursery rhyme and shake [sunna]. '
7/2 'Mad octopus' 'Scourer and I''Turtle's child'
7/3 'Tsutenkaku in Naniwa' 'Tsutenkaku is soul [nan;ya]. ''Tsutenkaku is life [nan;ya]. '
7/4 'Pear from apple' 'Pear in Nasu''It is a vacation in the summer resort. '
7/5 'The bikini is [ii]' 'It is lovely. ''Original [chariherumetto]'
7/6 'Piano man' '0 games of the ground''This salad delicious dish '
7/7 '[Ohime] and Altair' 'Wish to the Milky Way. ''Annual love'
7/8 :Wangan pick-up master / Living on sales of personal belongings / Life foreclosure
7/9 'Startling machine' 'Roller coaster''Life headlong'
7/10 'Meteor mark'『 ..stickiness.. ? 』 'The natto food is consented. '
7/11 'Necklace of pearl' 'Gold and silver pearl''Black pearl'
7/12 'Radio love' 'Re-attention necessary main point observation inspection''Body [boroboro]'
7/15 ' wraith of C1' '135° east''It is life esteem. '
7/14 『 Staff recruiting hurriedly. 』 'Hourly wage 700 yen''Transportation provision'
7/15 '[Sorubaruu]' 'It is indebted. ''Green brave man and triangle'
7/16 'The name is a station lunch' ' DOSUKOI '. 'Heaven [musu]'
7/17 'Tokyo' ' TOKYO ''TOKIO'
7/18 'Smog warning' 'Smoke of hatred''Exhaust emissions regulations'
7/19 '[Matta-horun]' 'Sea of Tranquility''Assembly member Madonna'
7/20 'Moon landing' 'Wooden sword purchase fight outbreak''Yellow clown'
7/21 'The Japanese clothes of the wedding' 'Perform in the park. ''Nice nature'
7/22 'Fellow who sounds clogs' '[Nkoronkaran]''Pistachio'
7/23 'Carbohydrate lover' 'Lack deep-frying bowl''Rice is two bowls. '
7/24 'Life of comic story [totono]' 'Ground warehouse pass''After all, it is a comic story. '
7/25 'Scorching whirlwind' 'Blue Hawaii''The oyster ice is lemon. '
7/26 『 One piece? Two pieces? 』 『 ..reproachful.. [ya]. 』 'Ape army corps'
7/27 'Watermelon remunerative' 'Seed flight of watermelon''Become empty. '
7/28 'Herbivorous beast in Namihana' ' 728 ''Naniwa birth'
7/29 'Call sign' ' CQ?CQ? ''[Suporatei;kku] E layer'
7/30 'King professional wrestling' 'Karate chop''They are 16 sentences in your mind. '
7/31 'Maximum speed attacker' '[Yahho]''Iron [chan]'
8/1 '[Mentanpindora] 3' 'Pine umbrella apple''[Burafu]'
8/2 '[Bikini-zu]' 'Brief trunks''Pants man'
8/3 'The way and me use scissors' '[Chokichoki]. ''Pike eel and plum tree'
8/4 'Run on the edge of the bridge' 'It is moment ..drinking.. [dukuri]. ''Beautiful woman of yukata'
8/5 'Taxi driver' 'That car is chased. ''
8/6 'Prince downpour' 'Person of ham''Solar power'
8/7 '[Sessha] [hanahabe]' 'Such banana''Seven color flower'
8/8 'Plumping system' 'Kite lay priest''Beard father of The Red and the Green'
8/9 'Shape storage machine' 'Shape-memory alloy''The neck is absorbed. '
8/10 'The putting on one the 1st' 'Broken heart''Dress up with the hat. '
8/11 'Hardworking' 'Do your best, and sleep and get it. '『 Do you work hard? 』
8/12 :Expert in Chinatown / Youth racer / Wangan youth
8/13 ' night view of one million dollars''Minority'
8/14 'Official report of opening to the public' 'Patent journal''Make a fast buck by the patent. '
8/15 'Lookout tower for fires' 'Peace''[Pinfu]'
8/16 'College woman celebrity' 'College woman in Osaka''The buoy buoy plays. '
8/17 'Night game' 'It is a green soybeans night game today. ''Pineapple lover'
8/18 'The high school play baseball in summer' 'High school [kyuuko] of the flame. ''Player oath player'
8/19 'Hiding rider' 'Passing rider'' It is two-wheel sect. '
8/20 'Stopline observing strictly' 'Mosquito''Reception fee unpaid'
8/21 'I am B type' 'I am O type. ''I am A type. '
8/22 Strongest Trolley / Life along rail / Trolley Travel
8/23 ' C1 white [toratai]' 'Portable resort''I want to eat the bowl of rice topped with tempura. '
8/24 'Large eruption machine'『 [Doka] [-]. 』 '[Isoppu] []'
8/25 'I want to eat the ramen' 'Ramen love. ''Mr./Ms. Koike'
8/26 'Rainbow bridge' '[Reiburi] close'' bridge of two step structure'
8/27 'Keeping from eggplant' 'Dumpling shop''Kite president'
8/28 'It will be [zubari] storm tomorrow' 'Violin playing. ''Milky Way eaves'
8/29 'Broiled meat all-you-can-eat' '[Tare] faction and [shioha]''French Revolution'
8/30 :King adventure / Shout at the Devil / Wangan adventurer
8/31 'Homework last spurt'『 Is it staying up all night today? 』 'Blue soup chugging'
9/1 'Fire drill' 'There is no anxiety if it prepares. ''It is a disaster drill and a serious illness post. '
9/2 ' shortcut to 300 million yen' 'Gravy getter''It is 300 yen such as seven. '
9/3 'Grand slam' 'Blue Dora cat''It is sandlot baseball on Sunday. '
9/4 'Mozart in Namihana' 'Classic mania''Hair style'
9/5 'Runaway Train' 'Black diamond''Coal'
9/6 'Squid Indian ink pasta' 'Return to the earth. ''Crossing word good'
9/7 ' CM song debut''[Re] of [rerere]'
9/8 'Getting [se] New Yorker' 'Take a bath in New York. '' NO New York'
9/9 :Special express ambulance / Wangan fortune teller / The fortune-telling is to believe
9/10 'Goblin in the underground world' 'Car inspection fall''Let's check the own car. '
9/11 ' It is a telephone only by three minutes. ''Patriot'
9/12 'Space Traveler' 'The space travel wants to take it. '『 42.195km 』
9/13 'Karaoke mastering' 'Separation of powers''Guard of the strongest law'
9/14 'Season of separation' 'Autumn eating''Cosmos flower'
9/15 Mach grandfather / Fastest grandma / Strongest grandpa
9/16 'Gambler of one point purchase' 'Ozone''It is single [katsuichitenka]. '
9/17 Man who calls storm / Fastest Monorail / It is Haneda in the monorail
9/18 'Being said fellow' 'Dialect master''[Shakishaki]'
9/19 'The name is Tanaka' '[Ken] [heimamoru] of nameless. ''Married. '
9/20 'Jet stream' 'Blue sky that comes off''The good sky of the sky. '
9/21 :Wangan collection / Model walk / [Kuru] and turn
9/22 'Mr. Black Current' 'Volunteer social service work''Sunbathe in white sands. '
9/23 'Four and half-mat room story' 'Great writer'『 Rent high [iyo]. 』
9/24 'The [joukae] doing is used' 'It is not possible to die on the mat. ''Taro Yamada'
9/25 'Yellow is ..curry..' 9/25 'Clay image of Naniwa. '『 Is the following Hibiya? 』
26 'Super-blind touch' '[Nihongomuzukashii]''Cyclonic'
9/27 :Sei lane of C1 / Wangan woman / The wife driving is being practiced
9/28 'Family duty' 'Personal computer expert''There are two chickens in the garden. '
9/29 'Laundry Jiro' 'Paste putting Y shirt''Cam cam Cat'
9/30 'Crane mastering' 'Gem multiplication mastering''Girl of steel'
10/1 'Glasses fellow' 'With coffee milk''The officially registered seal is gotten. '
10/2 'Bean juice man' 'Silk and cotton''The strongest tofu seller in Gunma'
10/3 'Downhill demon' '100 person mountain conquest''Mountaineer'
10/4 'Angel' 'Satan''Angel'
10/5 'Timetable [tetsu]' 'Lemonade''Vitamin C'
10/6 'Bureaucracy' 'National government employee''Do soon. '
10/7 'Mystery tunnel' 'The mystery calls the mystery. ''Subscribe to each timetable the moon. '
10/8 'Demon of submission' '[Pokipoki]''The tabi is frequently bought by travel. '
10/9 'It is cram school expert today' 'Down. '[Zamasu] ..'..' during studied time
10/10 'One fishing fisherman' 'Important person fishing''Only large [toro] is interesting none. '
10/11 'Winking at killer' '..starting.. all right''Idol unit'
10/12 'Discovery of a new continent' 'Columbus's [tamago]'..'.. Tohoku with'
10/13 'Move right now' 'It is a season of the roast sweet potato. ''It eats the potato and [pu]. '
10/14 'Getting on [tetsu]' 'Railway romance''World standard'
10/15 :Wangan rowdy / It is [yo;kinyoki] in the mushroom / [Eringi] love
10/16 'I am a boss' 'President and working lunch. ''Stomach full'
10/17 'Armoire savings' 'Pig's savings box''[Anison] sing enthusiastically'
10/18 'Queen of [minisuka]' '[Minisukare-sa-]''It is [furifuri] as for the waist. '
10/19 'Sale charge corps' 'Large sudden fall''Europe expedition'
10/20 'Dispersal' 'It is actually [dura]. ''Recycling activist'
10/21 'Oath of peace' 'Spotlight''The person's lighting is a lamp sect. '
10/22 'Parachute force' 'Escape with the parachute. ''Empty [karapyu]'
10/23 'Samisen mastering'『 Do?[Shi]』 'Dialect culture'
10/24 'Tricolor' 'Free, equal philanthropy''Garage life'
10/25 'Pasta workman' 'Carbonara lover''Spaghetti western'
10/26 'Atomic waiter' 'Atomic wave''Circus troupe'
10/27 'Autumn reading' 'New world record achievement''Sport meet record-holder'
10/28 Assassin from Gunma / Official circulation / Fastest shorthand
10/29 'Family-man father' 'Swell when getting angry. ''I want to eat the globefish. '
10/30 'The first kiss is a lemon taste' 'The Martian came. ''The first love is light and painful. '
10/31 :Wangan rikyu / Bus gas explosion / Ghost pumpkin visit
11/1 'Dog dog visit' 'Stroll of dog'' 'In dog-walking
11/2 '[Torashima] army corps in Namihana' '[Occhan]''Toy shop'
11/3 'Domestic monster' 'Fruit juice teacher''Monument of special effects'
11/4 'World Heritage tour' 'Cultural heritage''Charity activity'
11/5 'Cherry Saku Saku' 'Congratulation telegraph''Apple dieting'
11/6 '[Boroapa-to] residence' 'Matchmaking party''Three meeting with a view to marriage series of defeatss'
11/7 'I am magistrate [nabe]' 'Teething fever. ''It likes Kimchi pan. '
11/8 'Seoul caliber' 'Man who has teeth of steel'『 It is ..[oyashirazu].. painful. 』
11/9 'Red armored vehicle' 'Enforced ventilation''Emergency contact'
11/10 'It is room.. near' 'Elevator girl. ''Come. '
11/11 'Tall but poorly developed child' 'Lithium ion''[Bi-nattsubata-]'
11/12 'Dressing substitution manitou' 'Soft fair velvety skin''Skin care from now'
11/13 'Tearaway in Mito' 'Japan department mango''The maintenance of lacquer ware is very. '
11/14 'Cool gambler' 'Fixation for each establishment change''Pachinko from morning'
11/15 'Became big' 'Smart fellow. ''Beautiful woman of kimono'
11/16 'Drift three-years old child' 'All pens''Painting is polite. '
11/17 'Becoming it money' 'Checkmate [tokurumato]''Japanese chess from game of go'
11/18 '[Gatenre-sa-]' 'I am [gaten] system. ''Rental'
11/19 'Technician of legend' 'Iron [chan]''Ace striker'
11/20 :Wangan fusa Fusa / I want to eat the pizza / Pizza pizza knee pizza
11/21 'Net poisoning' 'Resident in country of light''Kabuki person'
11/22 Fastest Carpenter / Wangan Chief / [Pochittona]
11/23 'Ultra true game player' 'Soccer mania''Dine out today. '
11/24 'Maid To Order' 'It is good soup and [masse]. 'It is dried bonito and [nekomanma] ..'... '
11/25 :Wangan [Otsubone] [you] / High-definition television TV / Mr. female office worker favor
11/26 '[Dei;suizuapen]'『 [Izudei;suapen]? 』 'Montblanc'
11/27 'Crucian sushi the height' 'Spatula [funashi]''Dynamite Buddy'
11/28 'Bringing in is severe' 'Pacific. ''Tax rate 15%'
11/29 'Style preeminence' '..dressing.. without any mistake''Red shirt fellow'
11/30 '[Yuuji]' '[Ishida]''[Ya;ngyaru] photo session'
12/1 'Iron man' '[Aiankuro-]''Energy filling'
12/2 'The atmosphere breakthrough' 'Razor defeat constitution''Running shop in the Milky Way'
12/3 :Submissive husband / Wangan Magician / The owner-driver taxi is being done business
12/4 'Forefinger of magic' 'Extraterrestrial life''Emptiness and ..strike.. [charinko]'
12/5 'Triangular sea area of manitou' 'Bermuda''Triangle'
12/6 :Elder sister [tama] bud / Roaring fellow / Wangan symphony
12/7 ' DIY fan' 'Drag-racer''It is joint party in Kobe. '
12/8 ' Yes ' 'Large loss''Double fantasy'
12/9 'Blue whale' 'Thank you''The whale deep-fries Tatsuta and it is favorite. '
12/10 'Dignity of man' 'There is no bonus this year. ''Huge dam completion'
12/11 ' one coin''The dance is a tango. '
12/12 'Do not charge it' ..'.. ..[aiwazawaitora] [kaetatakakane] unpoison.. ..knocking down... ''Vigour and full charged it. '
12/13 'Twin rally strike' 'Supplement mania''Gemini'
12/14 'Ako [**shi]' 'Revenge revenge''In the noodle, the palanquin is a life. '
12/15 'One time of coastal line bus' 'Tour of sightseeing in Tokyo during a day''Bus conductress bud'

12/16 'Driver in name only' 'A temporary license is being practiced. '『 ..encounter.. !There is no paper. 』
12/17 :Wangan impulse /『 [Bu] [n]』/ It doesn't eat the in-flight meal easily
12/18 '500 name machine factions' 'Red brick''Tokyo Marunouchi OL'
12/19 'Homemade Wright brothers' 'Flying flight''First flight'
12/20 :Fossil where it lives / Rooftop amusement park / Wangan coelacanth
12/21 'Logic magician' '[Mojikun]''Long-distance love (foreign countries)'
12/22 '..salary.. raise it' 'Strike. ''Labor union'
12/23 'Crimson iron tower' 'Effort and spirit''Dream of year-end party'
12/24 'It is [buttobase] as for the Christmas eve' 'Maxi Xmas eve. ''It presents and do not forget. '
12/25 :Work at Christmas / It is a maxi and Xmas / It is Xmas in wangan
12/26 'Stoic boxer' 'Annual wage plan and flexible work hours''I am a giant fan. '
12/27' 'Like child 'Tokyo souvenir''I do not want to grow up. '
12/28 'Sea weed sea weed DJ' 'Seat high high ''Dieting is being declared. '
12/29 'Sing' 'Chanson show. ''Bakery'
12/30 'Subway' 'Subway going to school'『 6・3・3・4 』
12/31 '108 evil passions' 'See the old year out by the maxi. '『 Moreover, next year. 』Found the list of daily titles,hope it works.

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